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Custom Research 
As product quality and customer satisfaction increase, consumer expectations continue to increase as well. Consumers today expect high-quality products and services. Measuring and tracking quality and satisfaction can provide an edge in a highly competitive marketplace.
Many J.D. Power and Associates clients incorporate ongoing satisfaction or loyalty tracking measures into their business operations to enable informed decision-making based on customer feedback. Clients use these proprietary studies to gather customer information and opinions on a variety of product- and service-related issues. This information helps identify opportunities to improve performance in all areas, leading to greater customer satisfaction and retention.
J.D. Power and Associates Canadian consultants translate customer requirements into performance improvement activities that are integrated into a client's daily operations. To date, the firm has conducted proprietary customer satisfaction and quality tracking studies for some of the most prestigious and quality-oriented companies in the country.

Research Services

Independent Benchmarking Research

Independent, syndicated benchmarking research provides an industry assessment based on surveys completed by customers of companies in the respective industry. This type of research, based on unfiltered consumer feedback, delivers an accurate portrayal of how well an industry is listening to the "Voice of the Customer."

The purpose of syndicated customer satisfaction research is to:

  • Establish competitive benchmarks for customer satisfaction and quality
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual companies in an industry with regard to product quality and customer satisfaction
  • Provide specific recommendations on how individual companies can improve their quality and customer satisfaction levels

J.D. Power and Associates conducts the following benchmarking research studies:

Independent Benchmarking Studies: Automotive

Canadian Consumer Retail Experience Study (CRS)

Canadian Customer Satisfaction Index Study (CSI)

Canadian Customer Commitment Study (CCI)

Canadian Consumer Financing Satisfaction Study (CFS)

Canadian Dealer Financing Satisfaction Study (DFS)

Manufacturer Web Site Evaluation Study (MWES)

Independent Benchmarking Studies: Non-Automotive

Canadian New-Home Builder Customer Satisfaction Study

Canadian Wireless Satisfaction Study

Canadian Full-Service Investor Satisfaction Study

Canadian Discount Brokerage Investor Satisfaction Study

Canadian Retail Banking Satisfaction Study

Canadian Auto and Home Insurance Customer Satisfaction Studies