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Social Media Strategic Listening Programs

Using social media to drive business insights

J.D. Power’s Social Media Strategic Listening Programs deliver more gold with less sifting by applying our industry expertise and social media experience with state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) to provide deep insights that unleash the strategic power of social media.

While many companies start by using social media for outbound marketing purposes or crisis management, J.D. Power is working with forward-thinking industry leaders to turn millions of online consumer conversations into insights about consumers, trends, brands, and products—focusing on the more strategic, Upper Funnel issues.

J.D. Power’s Social Media Strategic Programs can benefit:

  • Brand Management: measure brand perceptions over time, and find the emotional connections with consumers
  • Consumer Insights: capture consumer attitudes on a mass scale, and understand consumer motivations for purchase decisions
  • Market Research: look ahead to anticipate issues and discover emerging trends
  • Product Development: inform new product enhancements and drive innovation
  • Marketing: inform marketing strategy and get immediate feedback on campaigns


You decide—Strategic Listening Programs can be as comprehensive as you need

A Social Media Strategic Listening Program is not a one-size-fits-all program, as different industries have different challenges. What makes these programs unique is our years of experience researching customer satisfaction across a wide variety of customer-facing industries.  This experience gives us the capability to build programs that dive deep into the discussion topics critical to your industry.

J.D Power recognizes that each organization’s needs vary with differing levels of ability to listen, analyze, and report.  That is why J.D. Power's Social Media Strategic Listening Programs are designed to provide all levels of services, analysis, reporting, and tools—all geared to drive recommendations and practical next steps.

Program Components
Expert Analyst Services: skilled analysts focused on uncovering consumer attitudes and perceptions
Summary Reporting: monthly or quarterly summaries and recommendations on program topics
Deep-Dive Analyses: comprehensive and extensive reports on key strategic issues with a focus on recommendations and next steps
Ongoing Access to Listening Tool: easy-to-use Web-based search and exploratory tool