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Customer Satisfaction with Self-Service Stations in Japan Decreases as the Increase in the Number of Self-Service Station Users Slows
2010 Japan Service Station Customer Satisfaction Study
The Sales Staff Has A Significant Impact on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty with Winter Tire Retailers in Japan
2010 Japan Winter Tire Retailer Satisfaction Index Study
Infrequent Use of Winter Tires on Snow-Covered Roads Negatively Impacts Satisfaction with the Tires on Regular Road Conditions
2010 Japan Winter Tire Customer Satisfaction Index Study
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J.D. Power Asia Pacific—Japan

J.D. Power Asia Pacific's Tokyo, Japan office, established in 1990, conducts quality and customer satisfaction research and provides consulting services in the automotive, information technology, finance, travel, and service industries. J.D. Power Asia Pacific provides clients with an understanding of the factors that influence perceptions of quality and customer satisfaction throughout the Asia Pacific region. The firm’s studies allow companies to make informed strategic decisions and tailor products to address consumer needs in markets around the world. The office offers a variety of syndicated studies, client-specific proprietary studies, consulting, forecasting, and training services.

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