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Text Analytics Solutions

Extracting More Customer Insights from Information You Already Have

The idea of reading customer comments—listening to the actual Voice of the Customer—resonates with most customer-driven organizations. However, the reality of generating business insights from tens of thousands of verbatim or open-ended comments on customer surveys can be overwhelming. As a result, the richest information that customers provide is often not effectively utilized because it’s simply too difficult to analyze. What if you could put all the pieces together to provide a 360° degree view of your customers?

J.D. Power and Associates utilizes Clarabridge text analytics software to compile and analyze all of your unstructured text, whether it’s generated from a contact center, survey, warranty claims, or any other form of information collection.  J.D. Power combines these verbatim insights with knowledge of the industries in which we conduct research to provide actionable solutions and analyses that enable rapid, effective response to continuously changing customer needs and opinions.

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