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Our Approach: Better Science, Smarter Tools, Deeper Insights

Turn Unstructured Text into Actionable Solutions

J.D. Power and Associates utilizes Clarabridge text analytics software to provide clients with the tools that allow them to unlock the true value in survey open-ended responses and unstructured data, giving them a rich, qualitative context and a 360° view of their customers. Combining cutting-edge sentiment and text analytics software with J.D. Power’s worldwide market research experience and expert analysts provides a comprehensive understanding of the Voice of the Customer, and allows clients to more effectively use the data they already have. Our verbatim decoding solutions help you understand what your customers are saying, the attitudes they express, and what you should do about it.

How J.D. Power's Text Analytics Research Works

Once structured and unstructured text from survey responses, contact centers, warranty claims, or e-mails has been collected, linguistic content is extracted and categorized.  Sentiment scores are then assigned to distinguish the who, what, how, and why of any customer experience. Clarabridge’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engine understands the syntax and context of all the elements of the text—the parts of speech and entities, facts, and the linguistic clauses and relationships. This exhaustive approach to NLP provides a foundation to ensure the resulting analysis is comprehensive and accurate.

J.D. Power and Associates takes these customer experience insights a step further by incorporating our in-depth knowledge of the multitude of industries we serve to provide actionable solutions and analyses that enable rapid, effective response to continuously changing customer needs and opinions.

How Our Results are Delivered to You

Whether you are looking for a predesigned program or a more tailored program based on topics that are of particular importance to your company, J.D. Power has a solution for you. Click here to learn more about potential applications >