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Text Analytics Applications

Using your customers’ comments to drive business insights

Are you struggling to obtain more value from your survey research?
Would you like to perform root-cause analyses on your contact center comments?
Are you taking full advantage of the comments in your warranty claims?

Up to 80% of corporate data lies in unstructured text formats outside of the structured repositories of relational databases.  J.D. Power and Associates’ text analytics solutions enable clients to unlock the inherent value contained in these unstructured data sources, which include open-ended survey verbatims; customer service call center comments; inbound customer e-mails; and online communities. 

Using our best-in-class text processing technology and our knowledgeable Consumer Insights team to organize hard-to-mine information into key topics of conversation, J.D. Power’s text analytics solutions allow companies to generate valuable consumer insights from the data they already collect that would otherwise go unused.

Our solutions are designed to be easily integrated with your company’s own internal research, making this a turnkey approach for companies looking to improve their own Voice of the Customer programs.

Key Benefits

  • Automatically code/deliver comments in real time
  • Discover new issues
  • Mine new Voice of the Customer sources
  • Increase use of open-ended comments, shorten surveys
  • Analyze comments across segments

Our text analytics programs can be designed to:

Analyze unstructured text in your claims data

Analyze unstructured text from your contact centers

Analyze unstructured text from your customer e-mails

Analyze unstructured text from J.D. Power or your own surveys

Analyze unstructured text within warranty claims and repair logs