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Custom Tracking

J.D. Power and Associates conducts customized research and customer satisfaction measurement and tracking on a proprietary basis utilizing a variety of data collection methods. Accessed via a customized online reporting platform, these studies provide clients with real-time data on demand—as well as weekly, monthly, or quarterly results—allowing them to identify issues and enable quality and customer satisfaction process improvements. J.D. Power has been conducting proprietary research in the areas of quality and customer satisfaction for more than four decades.

J.D. Power's dynamic research services include:

•  Measurement and tracking to assess performance over time

•  Sales and service quality audits and tracking over time

•  Syndicated survey respondent follow-up to provide additional insight into survey responses

Project Staffing

J.D. Power’s research services teams are comprised of innovative and dedicated professionals who operate independently from the company’s syndicated study teams. With a focus on customer service and satisfaction, tracking teams work cohesively with clients to provide high-quality individualized and actionable deliverables.