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With Acutrend, the Customer Experience Never Looked Better


It’s not enough just to gather customer information. It’s what you do with the information that counts.

With J.D. Power’s Acutrend, companies have a better tool to measure and manage the customer experience, helping to drive performance improvements and increase their return on investment from customer tracking efforts.

Acutrend is our exclusive Customer Experience Command Center, a Web-based user interface that makes it easier to get the right information at the right time by providing a 360° view of the customer experience in real time.

Taking full advantage of the industry-leading insights of J.D. Power and Associates, Acutrend makes it possible to analyze every key performance measure against industry benchmarks, which helps companies better understand their competitive position on key measures of the customer experience.

Acutrend advantages:

  • Real-time reporting of current company performance on key measures of the customer experience  LEARN MORE >
  • Customizable views of customer satisfaction data from customers and competitors using J.D. Power syndicated data  LEARN MORE >
  • Quickly delivers direct customer feedback to decision-makers so they can identify customer issues and take prompt action  LEARN MORE >
  • Expertise from J.D. Power and Associates, the leader in providing Voice of the Customer and competitive insights to drive improvements in performance and financial results LEARN MORE >