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Industry Focus: Insurance

Driving Better Results for Claims Professionals

The auto insurance industry has been transformed during the past decade from a primarily service-driven model to a primarily price-driven model. However, experience shows that while insurance customers buy on price, they renew on service. Customers’ experience when they have a claim is a key driver of satisfaction and retention.

Founded on the industry-recognized claims service quality benchmark, Acutrend enables timely understanding of the claims experience, along with competitive comparisons that make it possible for insurers to closely monitor their performance on all aspects of the claims experience. The reporting also helps diagnose areas where improvements may have a direct impact on financial performance. In this way, Acutrend makes customer tracking data more actionable, improving the value and return on investment of your research programs.

Acutrend enables insurers to more accurately measure and act on the critical Key Performance Indicators that drive each factor of the claims experience:

  • First Notice of Loss
  • Service Interaction
  • Appraisal
  • Repair Process
  • Rental Experience
  • Settlement

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