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Industry Focus: Home Building

Riding the Road to Recovery in Home Building

The mortgage meltdown and financial crisis of recent years has wrought profound changes in the home-building industry. Many industry players didn’t survive, and those that remain are facing tough decisions. Moving forward, Acutrend can help home builders better understand consumers’ needs and preferences, and how to better compete and win in this whole new landscape.

Acutrend enables home builders to respond more quickly to changing consumer tastes and attitudes toward price and value in new-home construction; to more effectively incorporate their research insights into product planning and development; and to more proactively respond to the new realities that are driving the marketplace for new homes.

Acutrend advantages:

  • Provides one location for three major levels of insight: strategic, competitive, and tactical
  • Includes questionnaires based on J.D. Power’s annual syndicated New-Home Builder Customer Satisfaction Study, covering end-to-end customer experience (from prepurchase shopping to long-term ownership)
  • Alerts Dashboard allows tracking of relationship issues, just as warranty service systems allow tracking of production issues
  • Open-ended comments provide more in-depth understanding of individual customers' experience
  • Search function enables easy assessment of verbatim and qualitative insights across customer experiences
  • Enables each end-user to tailor what information is displayed and how it is displayed in order to obtain the specific information they need
  • Easily access the specific information that frontline users need to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively
  • Makes customer tracking data more actionable, improving the value and return on investment of your research programs

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