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Industry Focus: Financial Services

Winning Over the Post-Crisis Banking Consumer

It’s a new competitive landscape for the financial industry, with customers more skeptical and less inclined to be loyal. Understanding—and pleasing—this new post-crisis customer may result in banks being better able to compete and win in this new environment.   

Acutrend is the right tool for these times: a tool that may help banks better understand what’s really important to their customers now; a tool that gives banks more insights into consumers’ new mindset; and, most important, a tool that may make consumer banking research more actionable and directly linked to financial performance.  

Acutrend advantages:

  • Aligns customer satisfaction metrics with financial targets and incentive programs
  • Defines customer experience objectives by target segments and value proposition
  • Utilizes competitive intelligence to accurately assess strengths, weaknesses, and prioritize areas for improvement
  • Establishes performance standards based on what’s most important to customers
  • Provides feedback and coaching about specific customer interactions to frontline staff within 24 hours
  • Puts the voice of your customer on your desktop, thereby setting the standard to help grow your business
  • Increases the value and return on investment from your customer tracking programs
  • Quickly delivers direct customer feedback to decision-makers so they can identify customer issues and take prompt action
  • Enables companies to pinpoint where improvements are needed to help identify best practices and remain competitive and profitable

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