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What does the latest tracking data say about your company’s performance on key indicators? Are you moving in the right direction? Are you outperforming your competitors?  

With Acutrend, you’ll know the answer in real time, enabling you to identify and act on customer issues quickly—a critical need during those times when a bad experience can go viral and damage your company’s reputation.

Putting the information you need where you need it and obtaining it when you need it is one more way that Acutrend shortens the distance between gathering customer feedback and using it in ways that improve performance.

Acutrend advantages:

  • Provides a real-time report of your company’s current performance on key measures of the customer experience
  • Customer survey data can be uploaded on a daily or even hourly basis, allowing the most up-to-the minute reporting possible
  • Quickly delivers direct customer feedback to management decision-makers so they can identify customer issues and take prompt action
  • Enables companies to pinpoint where improvements are needed to help identify best practices and remain competitive and profitable